What Do You See?
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What Do You See?

When you look around the room, what do you see? Do you see everything clearly, or are there spots in your visual field that are a bit blurry or fuzzy? If your answer is the latter, you need to see an optometrist for an assessment. In fact, it is a good idea to see an optometrist once a year whether or not you are actually noticing any changes to your vision. Optometrists offer vital services for us all. If you're seeking a better understanding of those services, then we invite you to read the articles provided on this blog, which is all about optometrists and their work.


What Do You See?

Eye Care You May Be Skimping On

Harry Garcia

Vision care is most likely something you are skimping out on, and eye care as well. Both are very important in your day to day living and important in preventing vision or eye concerns that could be irreversible. Taking care of your eyes is something you should be doing daily, but most rarely even think about this. Read on for some eye care you may be forgetting about or skimping out on to help you care for your eyes.

Let Your Eyes Breathe

It sounds silly, but your eyes do need oxygen in order to stay healthy. If you are always wearing your contact lenses, your eyes won't have a chance to breathe because the lenses on your eyes are blocking this much-needed oxygen. Allow your eyes a break from your contact lenses and not just at night when you go to sleep. Allow them a break from your contact lenses at least a few hours each day, and wear your prescription eyeglasses instead. Also, remember to never sleep in your contact lenses, as you risk getting an eye infection or some other type of eye issue.

Give Your Eyes A Break

You need a break at work from being tired and over-worked, and your eyes are the same. Reading from a screen all day, or just staring at something all day in general can be a lot of work on your eyes and leave them tired and overworked as well. Give your eyes a break and your vision a break by closing your eyes throughout the day or looking at something else and allowing your eyes to blink and re-wet. Staring at screens all day can leave your eyes strained and could worsen your vision.

Clean Makeup Off Before Sleeping

Clean the makeup from your eyes each night before bed, as sleeping with makeup on your eyes can lead to eye infections. Use a mild cleanser to clean any eye makeup from your eyes each night. If you are a makeup wearer, also be sure you are cleaning your brushes and never sharing your makeup with others, as this can also lead to eye infections.

You may be taking advantage of your eyes and your vision, be sure you aren't skimping out on caring for them. Talk to a local optometrist about other things you should be doing to care for your eyes and your vision to prevent vision loss or concerning eye health issues.